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Huaquero de museos (Museum´s Tomb Raider)

Curatorial text to the catalogue for Marco Pando solo exhibition at the Central Museum in Lima, Peru. February 19th to June 3rd, 2019. (Spanish and English)

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LIGHTING THE MEMORY AND CLAIMING ITS PLACE. On Active Public Space in Lima, and a “Castle for Memory”

IN: Jon Irigoyen (editor): A Castle for Memory. Aalto University, Helsinki 2015. ISBN: 978-952-60-6091-0 (PDF) / ISBN 978-952-60-6090-3 (printed)

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MEMORIAL MOBILE FOR DIARY or how to highlight what you want to add to the future generation.

A proposed change / platform by Stine M. Jacobsen and Carlos León-Xjimenez for the workingVOICES project publication. Bogota Museum for Contemporary Art. Minuto de Dios Bogota, Colombia. April-June 2013. < WEB > < PUBLICATION > Pages 17-19

“Contested Time-Space at the Kiosk…”

a contribution to the book: KoCa-Inn: an urban experiment at the Kiosk of Contemporary Art in Weimar by UrbanDÆ. Revolver Publishing, Berlin 2010 (English/German edition) 392 pages ISBN 978-3-86895-076-2. < ARTICLE PDF > / < BOOK WEB > / < BOOK PDF >

“Lima Rooftops: case study of an urban desert”

Published in: Static 04. London Consortium, 2006 (No web available) < PDF > < IMAGES PDF >

“del juego de tormarse las cosas con calma cuando todo se derrumba alrededor / vom Spiel, die Ruhe zu bewähren, während alles um einen herum zugrunde geht”

Sushi 9. ADC Deutschland, 2006 TEXT: < TEXT ES (Castellano) > < TEXT DE (Deutsch) >