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Turning Places into Different Knowledges : City Tour

art project
public space
urban intervention

// This is a space for the creation of thought, knowledge sharing and collective construction. The objective is to work on the idea of community to propose and implement collective actions in specific public spaces. All of this is done with basic principles like fun, sharing, learning and the sketching of a better world. //


July-August 2016.

Video on the performative city tour by Tea Hatadi (HR), Fernando Pertuz (CO), Mirjam Wanner (CH) and Carlos Leon-Xjimenez (PE) in the framework of the meer teilen : share more project by curator Harm Lux, with an exhibition at the Shedhalle im Eisenwerk in Frauenfeld, Switzerland (13.08 – 08.10.2016).

Video by Fernando Pertuz (2016)

Length: 42´48¨

Special thanks to Esneider Gamboa

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