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prove a gostosa


at Rio Vermelho. Salvador do Bahia, Brazil
October 28th, 2008

art project
public space

// “Taste the delicious… Cheese-Sausage-Tofu: Bahia-Thüringia-China… Authentic Peruvian recipe” //

Rio Vermelho area. Performance for the UrbandA project, in the framework of CorpoCidade. Salvador, Bahia, Brazil. 2008

mobile grill in the square of Rio Vermelho, a leisure time area of Salvador


The performance was an urban intervention, offering popular skewers like another food street ambulant vendor, but twisting the popular local grilled cheese skewers (Espetinhos de Queijo de Coalho) into a transnational skewer with Asian tofu and German sausages with the local Bahia Coalho cheese. This was announced as an “Authentic Peruvian recipe”… an unexpected mix that surprised the local people, who taste the unconventional mix.
Understanding the street food traditions, I decide to create a mix considering my mixed Peruvian roots, with food where I was living and where I was landed… so the mix was created.

Done in the framework of the Corpocidade congress on urban aesthetics in Salvador, the performance was done in the very crowd area of Rio Vermelho where people join to drink beer and eat popular food during the warm nights of Salvador.

customer checking the original package for the Bratwurst (Thuringian sausages from Germany). (Photos: Sven Müller)