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Berlin T citywalk

Berlin, November 19th, 2010 (performance / guided city walk)
Project done in the framework of the Euro-Latin Performance Project

art project
public space

// Theme Citywalk. This city exploration is focused in spaces and architectural environments that have been transformed and host different purposes and/or uncertain futures, as memorial, wasteland, alternative art courtyard, or public park in a former airport. History, social processes and economy reshape the experience of the city but also shows the performance of power behind the regulation of the everyday living. This tour gives some information but also invites for a critical rediscovery of the city, in this case the Berlin focused in spaces whose names start with a T. //

Visited spots:

Topography of the Terror
Turkish market

> ENGLISH Audio Tracks HERE >>> 8 mp3 files (playlist on SoundCloud)

> CASTELLANO Pistas de Audio AQUI >>> 8 archivos mp3 (lista de reproducción en SoundCloud)

PHOTOS (by Jule Frommelt)


At Topography of the Terror

at the now vanished Tacheles Art Center (Oranienburgerstrasse)

At the Tuntenhaus in Prenzlauerberg (Kastanienalle)

Project done in the framework of the Euro Latin Performance Project (curated by Harm Lux)